You can now listen to the last and tenth episode of the second season of “The untold history”, The Hispanic Council’s podcast to get to know great Spanish figures in the History of the United States. In this new episode we talk about Juan Francisco de la Bodega y Quadra.

Juan Francisco was a descendant of Spaniards who was born in Lima, in 1743. At 18 years, he went to Spain to get a position at the Naval School of Cadiz. After his graduation, the sailor insisted on returning to his native America, which he achieved by 1773 as a member of a exploratory mission in the Pacific American Coast.

The expedition was attacked three times: First by scurvy, then by insubordination and lastly by Indians. This made Heceta, the leader of the exploration, to begin the return trip. Bodega y Quadra, however, insisted on advancing and he went on with the exploration on a single ship, reaching Alaska, and founding two new ports before going south for the winter.


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