You can now listen to the eighth episode of the second season of “The untold history”, The Hispanic Council’s podcast to get to know great Spanish figures in the History of the United States. In this new episode we talk about David and Jorge Farragut.

Those who have read Julio Verne’s Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea will remember Commodore Farragut, one of the central characters of the novel, who was a seasoned and brave marine. This fearless and experienced seaman is inspired by the first Admiral of the US Navy, David Farragut. David was originally baptized as James Farragut, and he was the son of Jorge Farragut, a Menorcan maritime merchant who sailed a modest vessel along the route between Veracruz, Mexico and New Orleans.

Both the father and the son would be important marines with key roles in the War of Independence, in the case of Jorge, and the US Civil War for David.

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