You can now listen to the fourth episode of the second season of “The untold history”, The Hispanic Council’s podcast to get to know great Spanish figures in the History of the United States. In this new episode we talk about Sebastián Vizcaíno.

The so-called Manila Galleon made the route between the Philippine Islands and Acapulco twice a year, constituting one of the longest commercial itineraries in history. That route reflected the challenge put on by the size of the Spanish domains, an empire where the sun did not set. It was of crucial importance for of its economic power as well as the valuable cultural exchange that it implied. Given its value, it was indispensable to create safe ports at their disposal in the North American Pacific coast providing shelter for their troops and travelers.

It was an expedition under the command of Sebastián Vizcaíno that managed to carry out a complete cartography of the Californian coasts and made it possible to build settlements in support of the ships that came from the Philippines. The enterprise was resumed as a result of the concern motivated by the growing English presence in the area, when it was known that Drake himself had set foot in California, and especially when another British pirate by the name of Cavendish had attacked, plundered and burned the galleon Santa Ana, coming precisely from Manila. All this reminded the Spaniards that the Pacific, called «The Spanish Lake», could cease to be so.

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