You can now listen to the sixth episode of the second season of “The untold history”, The Hispanic Council’s podcast to get to know great Spanish figures in the History of the United States. In this new episode we talk about Manuel de Montiano.

The fight for the rights of the black people is, nowadays an issue of key importance in the public agenda but is not something new. In the 60s of the previous century, the Civil Rights Movement in the United States constituted one of the biggest social advancements of the country. Before that movement, from 1861 to 1865 the United States had suffered the Civil War; the conflict that ceased slavery. But the first milestone in the fight for the emancipation of black people took place in 1514, when the Spanish crown had already approved mixed marriages, that blessed people from any race in the entirety of the American territories.

All we have just told is in perfect sync with the story of Manuel de Montiano, the person in charge of the first free black slaves in North America. Since 1738, our protagonist dedicated the Fort of Saint Teresa of Mosé to receiving and sheltering the slaves that managed to escape, offering a new and free life as subjects of the Spanish King.

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