You can now listen to the eighth episode of “The Untold History”, the podcast of The Hispanic Council, in collaboration with the Secretaría General de Política de Defensa. In this new episode we talk about Gaspar de Portolá. 

Whoever visits the Parador de Arties, in the Valle de Arán, will be able to contemplate a statue and a painting of a hardened officer and chief of the Dragoons. He is Don Gaspar de Portolá y Rovira, an aristocrat born in 1717 and former owner of the place where the tourist complex stands today. More than that, Portolá was a veteran of the Italian and Portuguese campaigns. And while he performed with efficiency and honor on the battlefields of Europe, his place in history was guaranteed by his adventure in the New World. To be exact: the expansion of the empires borders along the coasts of the North Pacific.

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